What you should know when hiring a rental car in zimata.Sigurna rental car in wi...

What you should know when hiring a rental car in zimata.Sigurna rental car in winter. 10 December 2013
What you should know when hiring a rental car in zimata.Sigurna rental car in winter.
1. Winter tires
Even the cheapest winter tire is better for those months of summer . Choice is great , the price range - too. Anyone can judge what is a pocket but not compromising because of the way the tires are to life . Very useful is the site avtogumi.com calculator configurator different sizes.

2 . accumulator
At each point of sale of rechargeable batteries can make measurement of the state of your . If it is bad, all attempts to extend its life will be temporary - a cold morning will not start and will go to buy a new battery. Think about time!

3 . brakes
They must always be in perfect condition . And since winter braking distance is longer , and the conflict situations on the road - more , not save money by checking the brakes serviced and any repairs if needed !

4 . liquids
It is mandatory to check the antifreeze in the cooling system and engine oil , and pour winter washer fluid .

5 . lights
From 1 November to 31 March necessarily makes lights . Quality lamps are beneficial for you and the rest of the way. And every light bulb can bring you a fine .

6 . other preparations
It is good to keep in the car glove , good ice scraper , spray defrost windows and locks , a set of chains , shovel snow and even tow rope

The car does not heat at idle
The specialists of " Bosch " advise motorists in the winter to leave the car to warm up at idle , because it harms the environment. Leading manufacturer of automotive components in the world offers excellent " winter outfit ." Wipers " Aerotuin " are the only ones received the highest score in test avtoklub German ADAC.
Battery " Bosch " is not serviceable and are extremely resistant and often dilution when consumers in the car and work with the engine off . Their life is 30 % longer than conventional batteries . A bulb "Plus 90 " emit white light than standard halogens and illuminate 90% longer and wider area of illumination .

It requires checking the antifreeze
Temperatures drop below freezing creates a risk of freezing of the liquid vehicle containing water, such as antifreeze mixture to cool the motor. Under the new automobile antifreeze loses some of its qualities after about 4 years of operation. And with older cars - even faster . Therefore, verification of the freezing level is mandatory , otherwise you risk serious damage. This can happen in any service where they can enhance the liquid concentrate . One can and able to cope if you buy a meter antifreeze .
Whether you bought a good antifreeze or fake, easily checked. Pour into a cup and put in the fridge's freezer ! Fake will freeze to ice cube ...

Topping up or changing the oil ?
One of the most important fluids in our car 's motor oil because it reduces internal friction , wear parts , protects engine parts inside cool and reduces fuel consumption. In winter it is especially important that the oil be in good condition to provide at low temperatures smooth operation of the engine and ignition.
The oil level in the crankcase should always be above the minimum level . More worn engines often " burn" oil and care should be taken to make up , but the same type. Mixing of oils is not recommended.
Life of massive oil is between 10 000 and 15 000 km fitters advised to change it to 10,000 km . When operating the car in urban lubricant wear faster. So - if the life of the oil is coming to an end at the beginning of winter, it is better to replace it . With him must put a new oil filter .
The choice of oils is rich , but because changing anyway be carried out in a specialized service, it is best to consult an expert . One of the most famous groups are called oils . " Seven Sisters " oil companies - " Gulf ", " Exxon ", " Shell ", " BP ", " Mobile ", " Chevron " and " Texaco ."

One set of tires - at least for three seasons
The optimal duration of life of a set of winter tires is three seasons . Experts advise to use them until the tread depth reaches 3-4 mm , because then lose their properties for traction. In large centers tire choice is the rich , working with modern equipment , maintenance is faster and offer more services. One is a "Hotel tire " - leaving storage in appropriate summer tires and spring change them at the same place .
Largest importers of tires are " Boriana Group ", " Diana ", " Medina -Med " ( which offers a huge selection of tires and loading machines ) and " Point S" - a rapidly growing company with our own brand tires " Samarstar " and " Uintarstar " .

Mix washer fluid
In winter, the glass is dirty most of the snow and slush on the roads and poor visibility can easily put you in trouble. Therefore wipers must be in perfect condition. If you buy the cheapest, may soon get frustrated because their life is short , do not clean well , scratch glass and squeak.
Washer is not good to run " dry " and early winter every car must be loaded with antifreeze liquid for them. Sold as ready- mixes and concentrates, which everyone can sucked liquid in the same proportions on the label. The old practice of adding Verona, soap , alcohol, or alcohol can damage the pump and sprinkler piping .


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Sofia - Istanbul450/485 €
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 Company Alfa Group 11 ltd Rent a Car was established in 1996 in Sofia. From then until today, the activities of Alfa Group Rent a Car is developing, expanding and started a new business, we are the only company in Europe that imported directly from Korea, Kia and Hyundai gas liquid phase which rent and sell as a guarantee 1 year full warranty and replacement car service and spare parts. After its establishment Alfa GROUP LTD 11 Rent a Car has already established itself on the market as one of the best companies for the Department of car rental. We can boast a wide variety of customers. The reason for this is that we offer you just what you need. We bidding flexible and individual approach to each client.

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Cars are our property and can not travel abroad

Our team:

We provide much more than rich fleet, with us you will receive the highest quality of service, for your satisfaction and peace of mind is the most important goal. It will be taken care of a team of young and ambitious people who will give everything for your comfort.
When traveling abroad we will prepare all necessary documents and insurance to ensure you travel safely without problems with border officials and the police abroad.
Among the leading steps of our policy work are:

1. Constant professionalism
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Our Vision:

"There is only one simple but extremely powerful pravilo- Always give your customers more than they expect," and keep in an individual approach according to the needs of the customer.

What is important to us:


    * We respect the commitments to our customers, employees and competitors
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    * We will communicate open and friendly with you, sharing everything you are interested.
           In our rental car that you see on our site are actual photos as you see what brand and model that you hire.
           Rental cars at us with clear conditions and with no hidden fees and limited mileage.

Respect for the individual

    * For every client we treat with respect, dignity and professionalism
    * Ineteresat the customer is always first
    * We are fully committed to provide personalized service and satisfaction to all our customers
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